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Kick ass cinematic imagery for the quirky and adventurous.  Based in Dallas.

Intimate Weddings & Elopements

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Rachel Henry


Rachel is amazing! We LOVE our photos. She does an amazing job capturing the beauty in a moment. Rachel tells a story with her photos that you can have for a life time!


You don't want the pressure, obligations, or stress. You don't want your day to feel like a production or performance. If the thought of a great big wedding makes you break into a sweat, you don't have to do it!

What if you could express your deepest emotions and most intimate promises to your partner in a private setting. The good news is that you can elope! Elopements allow you to focus on what really matters; two people exchanging their vows and celebrating their love for each other. 

You already know that a big wedding isn't you... 

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You want the whole wedding thing because having your family there is super important to you, but the thought of having so many people there is overwhelming.  You want to just keep it chiiiiillllll.  It would be so nice to only have your family and closest friends there.  Ya know, the people you actually like! 

Let's party it up.

Intimate Wedding


You don't want the stress of having to plan a huge event.  You don't want to put on a big show because your family expects you too.  It almost feels like just a way to one up everyone.  Or the drama!  Oh the drama.  Been there.  You want a day with just the two of you that is stress free and  no pressure at all.

Let's find a friggin' epic view.

Adventure Elopement

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I'm your person.

If you're over the traditions and looking for a photographer to chill with you...