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Megan + Daniel Date Night at the Square

July 14, 2019

Megan first reached out to me on Instagram and asked me if I had plans on Friday night. She said that her and her love wanted me to tag along on their date to JJ’s Pizza and then to get icecream at Beth Marie’s on the square. UMM YA I was so down!!

Little did we know, Daniel was planning on proposing on their date, but ended up proposing the night before because he couldn’t wait to ask the love of his life to marry him. These two came to their date in the giddiest mood and so excited to announce their news.

They spent the date laughing and telling me stories about their love while they shared a couple slices. We walked around Recycled Books and snuck around the basement. These two shared an icecream sundae at Beth Marie’s before we headed to the lake.

It was hot af outside, I’m not gonna lie lol. Megan and Daniel were totally down for going for a swim once we got there. The sun was low and gold like syrup. We hung out. We walked around. Once it was too dark to keep shooting, we turned on their headlights and danced in the shadows.

Dates this simple can be so romantic and authentic. Reach out and we can make this happen!

Denton, TX


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