Hannah + Evan Rustic Warehouse Wedding at Brik

July 24, 2019

Warehouse wedding are always a favorite. There is so much history in these beautiful buildings. I love that people want to create history of their own in such a historical space.

Hannah first met Evan in college at A&M. Evan would walk to Hannah’s apartment every Sunday morning so that they could ride to church together. After awhile, their friends discovered that the church is the same distance from Evans apartment as it would be to walk to Hannah’s. Riding to church with Hannah was worth the walk.

Their wedding was magical. Across the creaking wood, the windows during the ceremony cast a glow on the two as they shared their nuptials. We climbed a steep ladder, which was one of the most terrifying I have ever done, and reached the top to find the perfect evening light. We danced on the rooftop until the sun went down.

Second for The Grand Romantic.

Fort Worth, TX

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