Amanda + Tyler Rustic Wedding at Fall Creek

February 12, 2020

Grandbury, TX

One of my favorite couples. They are so sweet. I know, I say that about all of my couples. They have all been absolutely AMAZING.

So a little backstory, Amanda pets ponies for a living! Just kidding, but she is a badass horse doctor. I totally asked her that during our initial phone call. Her and Tyler had a completely different venue originally on an active ranch, but due to things out of their control, they were forced to find a new location to get married and found this adorable rustic venue outside DFW.

Shortly before the wedding, I was working on their timeline and called Tyler to discuss. The address on their questionnaire was a Fort Lauderdale address. During their engagement Amanda had gotten a much better job and had to relocate. So Tyler was like “YEA the wedding was moved to Florida. You haven’t bought your ticket yet??”. Luckily I caught on pretty quick that he was messing with me. I love that my couples have an awesome and warped sense of humor!

So their wedding was gorgeous of course. They had deer antlers incorporated into their details. I loved how the getting ready space was a quaint little lodge. Amanda’s bouquet had MUSHROOMS in it! Not gonna lie, the vision florists have completely blow my mind.

This wedding is featured in a mag! I’ll post the link when that becomes available.

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