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Kick ass cinematic imagery for the quirky and adventurous.  Based in Dallas.

Intimate Weddings & Elopements

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Rachel Henry


Rachel was an amazing wedding photographer! She was very professional yet went with the flow. She delivered some of the most amazing pictures I’ve seen and also captured exactly what that day meant to us. She helped us relive that day! Would recommend her x1000000.


You've already taken the leap of going against traditions and deciding to elope!  My approach to create images with genuine and rich emotions is a little bit different than other photographers.  I'm going to be honest and tell you I'm awkward af, but here's where I use that to my advantage.  I’ll tell you to do some pretty weird, goofy, and yes awkward things. You will be so focused on that thing that I just told you to do, that I’ve already captured your reaction laughing about it with your boo. No more fake smiles and definitely no more stiff unnatural poses. I’ll eliminate all of the cheese, and your photos will truly look like yourselves and your love.

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I'm basically chandler, but more sass.


You want the whole wedding thing because having your family there is super important to you, but the thought of having so many people there is overwhelming.  You want to just keep it chiiiiillllll.  It would be so nice to only have your family and closest friends there.  Ya know, the people you actually like!  This is also an option to do whatever the fuck you want, but in a more organized kind of way!  

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Intimate Wedding


You already know that a big wedding isn't for you.  You don't want the stress of having to plan a huge event.  You don't want to put on a big show because your family expects you too.  Or the drama!  Oh the drama.  Been there.  What if you could have the perfect day to focus on just the two of you in an intimate setting?  You can basically do whatever the fuck you want with no pressure at all.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

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Adventure Elopement

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I'm your person.

If you're over the traditions and looking for a photographer to chill with you...